Principal's Message

Mr. MIM. Illiyas (SLPS-2)

I am delighted to give a message of appreciation for the launch of our school’s official website

Launching an official website is a notable achievement in the history of our school since its inception and the first of its kind in the region. I firmly believe that utilizing the latest technologies in the 21st century is a part of the modern education and learning process. On the other hand, making information available in real-time through the website will definitely enhance transparency, accountability and increase the relationship of the school with parents, past pupils and other stakeholders for the betterment of the school and the children of our school.

I take this moment to generously thank Mr A.R. Mohamed Nizzad, AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Old boy of our school) for his invaluable voluntary contribution in designing and developing this official website and results management system and Mr MACL. Najeem (Vice Principal) for liaising the project along with me on behalf of the school.

I take this moment to invite all the past pupils of this school to visit and contribute to the betterment of the school in order to provide the best learning experience to the kids in this technology-based era.

I look forward to pioneering more innovation in the future with the support of all stakeholders.

Mr. MIM. Illiyas (SLPS-2)